Remez Global Point of View

Business Development

  • A breakthrough technology company is prime to engage in business development, with or without mass production readiness
  • If your company is evaluating various market segments for your technology, it’s time for business development
  • A successful business development program can make or break the success of a growing company
  • The business development process identifies your best customers and/or partners that will prove the market need and business model for your product
  • Often, there can be residual influence to the company’s product roadmap
  • Revive and expand sales with existing products by using business development activity to explore a new market segment or penetrate a new region

Strategic Alliances

  • Strategic alliances is somewhat different than business developments, although some overlap, especially in small companies may exist
  • If you have a great product and looking for global exposure to drive growth and market share, you need a strategic alliance to co-market and go-to-market with
  • In many cases, the strategic alliance partner is not always paying for your products and each company will bare their own costs , but a strong synergy and a win:win is critical
  • A pitch to a strategic alliance can be quite different from a direct customer

Sales and Marketing

  • First of all, marketing should always precede sales, even when you are selling ‘guerilla style’ (e.g. one on one)
  • Marketing activities can and should include addressing key opinion leaders, analysts and media reviewers to report and provide public reviews on your solution
  • At the end of the day, sales and marketing should be opening doors to new opportunities, while managing the process and closing deals

Fund Raising

  • Whether you are a startup, growth stage or mature company, fund-raising is always a time consuming task at the top of managements mind
  • Do you feel ready to prepare yourself and your company for Seed, A, B or C+ rounds?
  • Remez Global will help you prepare your investors presentation, obtain much needed references, and gather market feedback for analysis
  • Any company, needs to have a good grasp on its fundraising plan, with a strong understanding of the pros and cons of different types of investors, from VCs, Strategic Partners, and to Angel Investors or other financial institutions. Remez Global recognizes, one size rarely fits all

Due Diligence

Remez Global will provide an expert opinion and report on :

  • Evaluating management teams and their ability to deliver on the vision and handle market changes
  • Evaluate businesses potential and its competitiveness
  • Evaluating the technology

A classing Due Diligence process by any investor (note TEAM, is key):



  • If you are an entrepreneur starting to make your mark in the tech industry and need a mentor to call, email or text at a moment’s notice about how to build a company – Let me know
  • If you are an investor in a new promising technology and believe the founders and management can use some guidance to reduce risk and strengthen the team – Let me know

Scouting in Israel

  • If you are seeking to invest in a company in Israel, Remez Global will assess your needs, and after tight screening and interviews, present vetted companies.
  • Remez Global has and can be a representative at the board of directors level.
  • If you are looking for deal flow and seeking to see what new techs are coming from Startup Nation, Remez Global will provide expert advisement based on a deep understanding of Israel tech, companies and management.
  • Remez Global also has expertise in strategic acquisitions.

Opportunities in Israel

6,000 Active Start Ups

#1   350 international innovation centers
#1   12.5% of GDP attributed to tech output
#1   4.4% of GDP invested in R&D
#2   1300(+/-) New start ups every year



Leading Global Companies That Have Built Their R&D Centers in Israel – A Few Examples


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